SVG Code … cc by Florian Olivo

WebDevelopment => Issues

One of the first things you will learn as a web-developer, may be that you dont always will utilize the same technologies…
But no matter what technology you make use of;
No matter how hard you believe in your technology,
all the technologies of today are tricky little “duckers”…
There is so much involved with even the tiniest cogwheel in web-development today, and sooner or later if the “touch of luck” leaves you alone(and that will happen sooner or later!), then you will:

…you’ll run into problems embedding SVG in your WebSite/WebApplication.
…you’ll run into problems even trying to do the things you believed should be darn-easy in CSS.
…you’ll run into problems with so much things you never imagened when you just fooled around a bit with plain html and javascript and maybe a bit bootstrap….

But since you a developer now, … You feel the pain.
Dont worry, you are not the first getting attacked by those veloceraptors of code, I met some of those beasts already and I’ll try my best to keep track of them on this site, and let you know all the stuff I found out so far.

“Living systems are never in equilibrium.
They are inherently unstable.
They may seem stable, but they’re not.
Everything is moving and changing.

In a sense,
everything is on the edge of collapse.”

― Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park